• Stocks Hall realise the complete well-being of each individual ensure respect and trust between both carers and residents.
  • To provide physical, social and psychological opportunities which will promote optimal independence, allowing the residents control over their own environment and quality of life.
  • Ensuring a safe, secure, comfortable and caring environment that meets the needs and criteria of both residents and representatives.
  • We are determined to preserve the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents and do this in a manner which is sensitive to their ever-changing needs.
  • We encourage the relationships between our residents and the local community, to promote a quality of life. To allow residents to take calculated risks and be part of the decision making process, through stimulation and promotion of independence. This will promote optimal wellbeing for both our residents and staff.
  • To encourage and support a religious ethos for those individuals who wish to follow their faith.
  • To give support and allow time to both residents and their families through the ageing process and bereavement.
  • Stocks Hall respects and welcomes all suggestions which will enhance the care environment and well being of each individual that reside, work or visit the care homes.