Stocks Hall Skelmersdale Staff ‘Brave the Shave’ Fundraising Initiative

Over the past few weeks, members of staff at Stocks Hall Skelmersdale Home have joined together to set up a fundraising initiative named ‘Brave the Shave’.  Mark Clintworth, Activities Co-ordinator and Paige Armstrong, Senior Carer are raising money for the Home in the hope of buying a Motion Sensory Table for the ladies and gents living there.

The ground-breaking Mobii system from OM Interactive is the first truly mobile motion-activated table-projection system that can easily be moved to those who need it. It can be adjusted to a different height/size surface at the touch of a button making it an invaluable flexible intervention in all care settings.

The system works by projecting dynamic images on to a clear, clean surface and is designed to stimulate, engage and encourage active participation by those who use it.

Mark says “Myself and Paige are really passionate about this fundraising initiative, in order to purchase this fantastic piece of equipment for people living at Stocks Hall Skelmersdale, enhancing the Activities Programme at the Home.”

As part of the first round of fundraising Mark will undertake the following (once the total reaches):

£100 – “I’m dying my hair”
£200 – “I’m dying my beard”
£300 – “I’m shaving my head”
£400 – “I’m shaving my beard”

We are pleased to report that the first level of fundraising has been achieved and as promised here is Mark and his newly coloured hair!!

We love the new look Mark  – now lets get the total up for a matching beard!