Stocks Hall Ormskirk Home enjoying the benefits of Pet Therapy

Stocks Hall Ormskirk Home recently welcomed Laura and Lottie from Vets4Pets Burscough along with their adorable and loving pets.

Ladies and gents living at the Home were delighted to meet Florence, the Corn Snake, Teddy the Shih Tzu and Frida the beautiful Kitten.

Families and relatives came along to spend time getting to know these wonderful creatures to find out about their history and how they came to live with animal lovers, Laura and Lottie.

This form of pet therapy or animal assisted therapy and interaction brings with it so many benefits for many physical and mental issues.   It was clear to see everyone’s spirits lifted as they spent quality time handling, stroking and getting to know these new companions.

Brenda, Activities Staff at the Home says “An animal’s unconditional love and acceptance, as well as the therapeutic physical touch from pet contact, can improve quality of life, with or without dementia.  In care homes sometimes small miracles occur and people who have never spoken seem to magically come to life at the appearance of a dog in their living room, we saw first hand today that these miracles can happen, it was overwhelmingly moving to watch.”

A huge thank you to both Laura and Lottie and their beautiful, well-natured pets. It was a pleasure to welcome you to the Home – please visit again soon!