tn_Stocks Popcorn

One of the best ways to celebrate National Popcorn Day is to grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy it with friends while staying in to watch a good movie – so that’s exactly what Stocks Hall Nursing and Care Home at Skelmersdale plan to do on Sunday 19th January 2014.

A snack first discovered thousands of years ago, popcorn is now readily available in cinemas and supermarkets. Commercial popcorn was originally cooked in butter, lard and salt but nowadays it is available in a range of flavours including toffee, barbeque, sour cream and salt and vinegar!

Popcorn has been served in movie theatres since 1912, an idea that wasn’t welcomed at first because theatre owners feared that it would distract their patrons from the movies, but they later realized it actually increases revenues.

Activities Coordinator Emma Hyatt said, “This Sunday, everyone at the Skelmersdale Home will have the opportunity to try some different flavours of popcorn and even have a go at popping their own before we settle down and watch The Sound of Music.”

Sue Lace, Director of the Stocks Hall Group said, “National Popcorn Day isn’t a normal holiday, but we think celebrating, enjoying life and reminiscing is important.  At Stocks Hall, we try and celebrate the traditionally celebrated holidays and fun less known ones too.” 

(Pictured above is Emma Hyatt, Activities Co-ordinator, with Ken Isherwood who lives with us at the Skelmersdale Care Home).