You’re never to old to Bowl!

A group of ladies and gentleman living at Stocks Hall Ormskirk Home enjoyed a trip to Wigan’s Ten Pin Bowling Centre, AMF Bowl where they experienced an active day of playing friendly bowling games amongst each other.


After being slightly apprehensive and wondering how well they would be able to participate, the group were made to feel at ease as the bowling alley provided a bowl lifter and bumpers on the lanes if needed.  Activities Staff, Betty and Gemma and Minibus Driver, Jimmy were also on hand to provide any assistance.

The competitive spirit created a very uplifting atmosphere with smiles and laughter throughout the day as the pins were struck down and cheers of celebrations roared!


Reg was delighted with his strike and Maureen ably bowled free hand with much skill.

Gemma, Activities Staff says “Everyone enjoyed participating in the games. A huge well done to Doreen, our Champion of the day.”

Gemma continues “The ten pin bowling event was very successful in getting minds and bodies active. We are very keen to go again so it’s definitely somewhere we will return.”