There’s more Oomph! at Stocks Hall

Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group have partnered up with Oomph! to provide training for staff at Stocks Hall, Skelmersdale Home.

The Oomph! training sessions focus on familiar music, reminiscence-led imagery and sensory props which are particularly effective for people with dementia. These help create a fun ‘party’ atmosphere that people living at the Home can enjoy and look forward to.

Oomph stands for ‘Our Organisation Makes People Happy,’ and is an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to enhancing the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults.

Tracie, Claire, Rebecca, Ricky and Mark all participated in the training that aims to equip teams with everything they need to develop and deliver 360° wellbeing and activities programmes that reach every Individual in their care.  The participants are taught how to lead safe, fun and engaging exercise sessions for people living at the Home of all abilities.  The World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes of physical activity on at least three separate occasions per week for older adults with poor mobility.

All the staff are excited to see the benefits that regular Oomph! can achieve.

Activities Staff, Claire says “With support from Oomph! we have enhanced our existing approach to activities at the Home and can look forward to offering even more dynamic ideas that are tailored to people’s Individual needs. Oomph!’s fun, inclusive and interactive exercise and dance classes are proven to make so many people happier and healthier.”

Ricky Hooper, Senior Carer says “We’re very excited to be on board with Oomph! It’s such a fresh and exciting new initiative for us to be involved with.”

Photograph below (L-R) Tracie Lahart, Activities Co-ordinator, Claire Williamson, Activities Co-ordinator, Rebecca Jones, Carer, Ricky Hooper, Senior Carer and Mark Clintworth, Carer.