Taster Evening at Stocks Hall Burscough

Stocks Hall Burscough Home opened its doors wide this week as they hosted a Taster Evening Event.

The event was arranged to give families and friends of Stocks Hall a first-hand experience in tasting some of the delicious food that the Home offers, in addition to welcoming opinions and comments on the menu currently offered.   Jeanette Skyner one of the Chefs at the Home warmly greeted all who attended and thanked each person for coming.

Each guest was given a welcoming drink and Jeanette’s speech continued explaining what the evening was all about.  She explained how very important food content is to Stocks Hall and how each person’s dietary needs are considered regularly, on an individual basis.  Every Person is Valued Jeanette stressed and reminded everybody that The Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group are committed to ensuring High Standards of nutritious food are serve d continually.  The group were reminded that the people living in the Home preferences are regularly sought after and for families to always keep the lines of communication open regarding their loved one’s preferred food choices.    


Samples of the delicious Burscough’s Home Menu were then served which included reduced sugar and sugar free options  and views and opinions of the group were collected about the food they had chosen to sample.

The 4 week proposed Winter example menu was also given to all at the Taster Evening, for their consideration and views.


Sammi Molyneux, Manager of Stocks Hall Burscough Home said  “What a lovely evening. We are glad we can provide this opportunity to families and friends of Stocks Hall’s to come and see for themselves the food offered to those residing at Stocks Hall, Burscough. Thanks go to everybody for coming and giving us their opinions/ views which we very much appreciate. The door of the Stocks Hall, family Burscough Home is always open.  Special thanks also go to all the Chefs and Catering Staff for their tireless efforts in ensuring everybody is well fed at Stocks Hall and who wonderfully host many events throughout the year.”