Stocks Hall Training

Employees of Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group are seen here enjoying recent In House First Aid Training at Stocks Hall Training Lodge.

Sammi Molyneux, Registered General Nurse and Manager of Stocks Hall Burscough Home, took the group through their paces to ensure they learned all they needed to, regarding First Aid training.

Sammi uses a variety of teaching methods ensuring theoretical First Aid knowledge, in addition to First Aid practical knowledge is gained during any group’s teaching session.

The group enjoyed their training day together and practicing new skills on both models and each other.

Sammi says “I always encourage participation in my training sessions. Everybody is required to learn and understand vital First Aid information and First Aid techniques which can save lives. Theoretical information with practical demonstrations increases confidence and helps the learner to remember more.”

Sammi runs 1 & 3 day First Aid Courses and Customer Service training for The Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group. Please contact us on or telephone 01695 556996 if we can be of help in this matter.