Stocks Hall St Helens takes on TV hit series – ‘I’m a Celebrity’

Is this Australia? Is this the jungle?  Are these celebrities?  

No…..It’s Stocks Hall Nursing Home in St Helens who recently took on a superb team building challenge, based on the current hit TV show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” to entertain people living at the Home and their families.

A dedicated group of Care Staff from Stocks Hall Nursing Home in Dentons Green, St Helens wanted to take their Activity and Entertainment Programme to a new level.

Under the watchful eye of the Home’s very own version of ‘Ant and Dec’, representatives from each Unit of the Home, took on many unknown and unusual activities.

Lucy Peters, Activities Staff at the St Helen’s Home says “At Stocks Hall we are always encouraged to be innovative and offer new and progressive activities. Many of the people living at the Home and their family members are huge fans of “I’m a Celebrity”, so bringing a live version of the show to the Home, brought many smiles, laughter and joy.”

Representatives took part in the brilliant themed trials, with the opportunity to win ‘King or Queen of the Care Home’.

Care Staff, Marie, Sam, Claire, Michael and Lucy took on eating trials that required the contestants to eat foods such as a cocktail of unusual food combinations. Physical and mental tasks included finding stars in a pool full of gunk made up of bread, oats and liver. A total of 8 unique challenges put the group through their paces and was described by the audience as ‘highly entertaining’.




Care Assistant, Marie Bostock took the crowning glory of 1st place and was awarded ‘Queen of the Care Home’ with roars of applause from Coral Unit whom she represented.

The audience were then delighted to welcome some of the creatures of the jungle, as ‘Dylan’s Reptile & Creepy Crawly Experience’ brought an array of animals into the Home to provide a sensory experience for all that wished to enjoy this activity.  The group saw wonderful animals up-close such as dragons, giant lizards, giant snakes, tortoises and turtles, huge frogs and other assorted “creepy crawlies”.




Lisa Cheveau, Activities Staff says “The showcase received overwhelming positive feedback from people living at the Home and their relatives. Our proactive and imaginative approach to Activities has led to families enjoying these special memories together. Nothing is better than seeing someone completely enjoy that moment, simply sharing a smile in their eye or cheering with passionate delight.  We are already looking for new contestants to take on the challenge for next year’s event!”

Anyone for a delicious crispy scorpion or a juicy witchetty grub? 🙂