Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith House – Celebrate Royal Wedding

Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith House – Celebrate Royal Wedding

As the “world” sat in anticipation of the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, the ladies and gents at  Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith House  were no different. With flags poised ready for the entourage to appear, their hearts melted when they saw a glimpse of Meghan’s beautiful Givenchy wedding dress. Simple, …………but ever so elegant.

The bride looked so beautiful…………. ready for her Prince Charming.

Harry and Meghan become the 16th couple to celebrate their marriage at Windsor castle since 1863 and what a wonderful place to get married.  With the sun shining on the couple it was both magical and enchanting to see the couple so happy.

Following their Wedding Ceremony the couple will become Duke & Duchess of Sussex.

Ladies and Gents at  Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith House Nelson Home, had a great time watching the ceremony and enjoying a lovely patriotic Saturday lunch, including  the Royal wedding cupcakes. Staff  took time to celebrate with the ladies and gents, living at Andrew Smith House – captured in the photographs are Doreen living at the Home with Courtney, Beatrice and Aimee.

Kirstie Activities person for the Home said “All at the Home hope the couple have a wonderful life together. One memory made many more to keep. Congratulations Harry and Meghan. Andrew Smith House  raise a glass to your future life together.”