St Helens Home Hold Very Own Music Festival

Stocks Hall in St Helens held their very own music festival when Activities coordinators, Laura Coghlan-Adam and Lucy Peters brought it right into the very grounds of the Home.

Decorating the Home’s gardens and Activities Suite with all camping/festival decorations, the staff wanted to bring a ‘music festival experience’ to those living at the Home.

With the tents set up set up in the garden and the BBQ and the Burger bar on the go, there were balloons, butterfly hanging decorations, pastel coloured camping candles, camping mats, windmills, rainbow ribbons, inflatables and garden toys too, all making it quite an event.


Everything looked amazing, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces, and even the weather provided the inevitable, typical festival rain!!!

Laura said “it didn’t put a dampener on our day though, everyone’s mood was positive and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone gave 110% dressing up for the occasion, with their bandanas and costumes accessorised by wellington boots, which were certainly a welcome and much needed addition to the event.”   The Home had organised a special band to come and play too, who interacted with everyone remembering all the names too, making each person feel special and included – completely in line with the Stocks Hall Motto of “Every Person Is Valued”.


People living at the Home experimented by playing music through BANANAS and PLANTS!  Lucy says “I don’t know how they managed to do it, but it was AMAZING … each person who wanted to play an instrument did so with help from Andy and Billy. It was just brilliant from the minute they started, and really interesting too, leaving everyone wondering how they did it?” Home made maraca shaking, in tune with Billy & Andy playing their songs was also a great favourite activity of the music festival – the whole day was described as ‘Just brilliant by all who attended.’


Stocks Hall, St Helens Home, would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication in helping this day to be such a great success.  We are so grateful to all who contributed in making this truly a day to remember.