Squirrel Appreciation Day

Recently Andrew Smith House got creative, by celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day celebrated on Tuesday the 23rd January 2018.

Squirrels in the UK are often sadly seen in a negative light, referring to them as “tree rats”. However, descending from the rodent family, squirrels are little more than mischievous little creatures.  They can delight with their acrobatic movements or annoy  by damaging garden flowers, fruits, veg and such like. Grey squirrels are more common, although red squirrels are still native to the UK and contrary to popular belief  can be seen all year round.

Regardless of their garden antics they are still beautiful animals. Around and about Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith Home there are so many squirrels and it has been known for them to come up close and personal to staff. The Home have tried on many occasions to capture these moments, but alas, the squirrels seem to get camera shy and scuttle away.

Proving themselves to be such popular animals, the ladies in one of their January creative art sessions, made squirrels using a technique called Iris Folding. This involves pieces of paper, in this instance wallpaper, being folded  and secured into the art work, following a sequential pattern. The photos show in more detail how Iris Folding works and just how effective the squirrels look when finished.


Seen here are some of the people living at the Home with their proud creations.


Andrew Smith House also has a resident Squirrel called Cyril, a very cheeky and mischievous little chap. His antics so far this week have been, drinking the last of the Christmas Baileys, sneaking onto the minibus for a free ride, where somehow he has ended up on the set of Coronation Street!

On Wednesday evening Cyril, reached his pinnacle, having his very own squirrel scene, starring alongside the characters Brian Packman and Gina Seddon, (Sally Webster’s Coronation Street’s) long, lost sister.

Fortunately he has made his way back to the Home, after his short stint of fame – Welcome Home Cyril.

As can  be seen in the photos, Activities Co-ordinator Kirstie couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him on the TV screen …..quite unbelievable. Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith Home, wonder where he will be found next!