Sensory Room Renovation is a Real Success

The newly renovated Sensory Room on Coral Unit at Stocks Hall, St Helens Home, is looking amazing. The colours and vibrancy of this space, makes for a very pleasant area to relax in and be at one with nature. With beautiful views overlooking the cricket pitch and newly planted, potted flowers, the room is very pleasant indeed.

To make this space even more appealing it is filled with delicate soothing aromas, making the area a delightful, popular and soothing place to chill out, meditate, relax and generally enjoy peaceful reflective time there.

Lucy Peters, Activities Staff says “It has been wonderful to see the reactions to St Helen’s newly renovated Sensory area. People living at the Home have enjoyed exploring and interacting through the special lighting, music and objects placed around and within the room. We are delighted to have created such a therapeutic space and see many people enjoying their special, life moments here.”