Seaside Fun in Southport

Ladies and gentleman living at Stocks Hall Ormskirk Home took a trip out to the wonderful seaside resort of Southport.  Accompanied by Activities Staff, Gemma Jacobs and Betty McLoughin and driven there by Stocks Hall Minibus Driver Jimmy, the group set off for a nostalgic trip to this popular sunny destination.

Southport is the proud possessor of the Country’s second-oldest, second-longest pier, in addition to having a 22-mile stretch of beautiful coastline and a beachside town centre featuring some handsome Victorian architecture.

The weather had been kind for the day excursion trip, the dry warm climate allowed the group to take full advantage of this beautiful shoreline.

After taking in the seaside air and wonderful scenery, the group gathered together and took rest at the Pavilion on the end of the pier. With cool refreshing drinks in hand, it was time to sit back and enjoy the live music entertainment, that Southport Town had to offer.


Gemma Jacobs, Activities Staff says “It was so lovely to see some of our party up dancing to the music, with applause from the strangers around us! For some of the group, it was a trip down memory lane as many had holidayed in Southport with their families.It was lovely to see the group take part and enjoy the day, it was certainly the topic of conversation when we arrived back that evening.”