Remembering Loved Ones

A special event took place on Friday 1st June 2018 at Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith House Nelson.

The annual memorial event of the Home gives collective opportunity for families and friends to join together and remember those who have since passed.

Jayms Bell, Manager of the Home began by welcoming each person to Andrew Smith Home and read a beautiful, comforting poem.  This was followed by a reading and blessing from Father Peter from the local Parish.

After the blessing, each person was given a rose to remember their relative/friend and the roses were placed on a bench by the remembrance wall.   Plaques with names of  loved ones, are also placed within the Home’s gardens.  A minutes silence followed, as everybody reflected on the gift and the life of each person.  The reflective time was concluded with an Inspirational reading by Julie, Activities Coordinator, and a prayer from Father Victor.

Cakes and refreshments followed.

Jayms said “This event is very precious to many people. Andrew Smith House are committed to continuing aftercare support towards families and friends. A lady who attended said how special this opportunity was for her, her husband had passed and she said Andrew Smith House memorial event, gave her a focal point with a reflective and healing time.”

Jayms continues “If we can help one person in this way, this is the aim of our heartfelt memorial planning.  Passing of loved ones is such a difficult  time for all, staff feel the loss too. Some staff members came and joined the group at the memorial event  in the remembrance garden, of the Home.”

Always in Our Hearts