Random Act of Kindness

A small group from Stocks Hall Skelmersdale Home recently visited Marine Lake Café in Southport.

Jack, Pauline, Alan and Rose accompanied by Tracie and Claire, Activities Staff at the Home, enjoyed a wonderful day out and watched the world go by at this sunny, popular venue. Relaxing with cool refreshments, the group laughed and chatted together about bygone holidays and family memories spent at local coastal favourite locations.

A very generous lady, who was sitting close by the group, very kindly bought them all ice creams, just commenting on how much pleasure she’d had watching them all enjoy themselves, like a big happy family in the sunshine together – so much so that she’d felt the need to contribute to their obvious joy in this simple, yet heartfelt, random act of kindness.  What a beautiful and kin thing to do.

The whole Stocks Hall Care Group would like to voice their sincere thanks to this very special un-named lady, who blessed the group by such a considerate act of compassion and generosity.

It really was very much appreciated, and truly restores one’s faith in human kindness.