Phyllis is on the move again!

Phyllis the sociable snake has recently been spotted over 40 miles away from her home address!

Phyllis the pet snake of Oscar, Stocks Hall Operations Manager’s son, is seen here at her latest adventure gracing the ladies and gents at Stocks Hall’s Andrew Smith House with her company.

Naturally some were very nervous about touching her, but those that braved the way found her to be a very relaxing, beautiful creature.

Even Head Chef, Vicky James got her ‘cuddle’ as she was leaving the Home for the day.

Jayms Manager of the Home, and with one of the biggest smiles captured when holding Phyllis says “What a joy to welcome Phyllis into our Home. It was great to see all the different reactions from the people who live and work here! Let’s hope that they can come again very soon! Thank you goes to Phyllis, Sam and Oscar for lending and bringing Phyllis your snake to visit us, for the afternoon.”

Pictured here are a selection of the people living/working at Stocks Hall, Andrew Smith, Nelson Home meeting Phyllis the snake.