Loki Makes the Day

Last week Andrew Smith House got a visit from a very special 10 week old kitten called Loki.

Many of the ladies and gents at Andrew Smith House have had pets, so it was lovely when this little boy came to visit.  He certainly did put smiles on faces, in particular, Norman , Doreen, Lorraine and Christine’s faces told the story of a very happy encounter with a beautiful, furry friend.

Loki was such a good kitten, letting the ladies and gents living at the Home have cuddles and snuggles.

Kirstie, Activity Coordinator said “He will become a regular visitor of the Home, eventually with a harness and a lead he will have a little more freedom to roam around.”

Lorraine was quite insistent that she was going to catnap him, however Kirstie said she would definitely “have a fight on her hands…. as she quoted ….he’s all mine.”