Happy Birthday Louis Braille!

Happy Birthday Louis Braille!

Last week Andrew Smith House, Stocks Hall’s Care Home, celebrated World Braille Day-Louis Braille’s birthday.

Louis Braille was the young man who, due to an accident at 15 became blind, and invented the Braille system that is still used today.  Celebrated on the 4th January,  the Nelson Home created their very own Braille name cards in their “Get Creative” Art sessions.  Braille is a code that uses bumps and indentation on a surface to represent letters, which can be recognised by touch.


The group that took part, all thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Seen here is Doreen with her daughter Jackie, proudly displaying their artistic creations.


Other people that enjoyed the activity were Beatrice, Sheila, Christine and her husband Paul.

The world has much to thank Louis Braille for all his pioneering work, towards helping blind and visually impaired people read and write.