Golden Moments at Stocks Hall Skelmersdale

Three deserving members of staff at Stocks Hall, Skelmersdale Home were acknowledged and praised recently as their Golden moments were unveiled .

Golden Moments are part of the Oomph Wellness Programme which stands for Our Organisation makes people Happy.

Stocks Hall are committed to encouraging staff, to go the extra mile in making the lives of the people they care for, more enjoyable.

‘Golden Moments’ happen when a member of staff, compassionatley and sensitively cares for  a person living at the Home enabling them to enjoy and experience, extra special moments that make their day.

Staff record all golden moments, they are written down on golden tickets then placed into a box within the Home.  At the end of the month Sue King, Manager, draws out and verifies a deserving winner/s.

Winners for Golden May 2018 moments are (From L to R) Colin (Senior), Paige (Carer), Mel (Senior).

Colin’s Moment was that he made a bath time more fun and entertaining.

Paige’s Moment was that she was able to change someone’s mood from a bad one to a good one during personal care.

Mel’s Moment was that she got someone who doesn’t normally speak or interact –  to sing.

Sue King said “At Stocks Hall, Skelmersdale Home we are always proactive in continuing to find Innovative ways to keep staff motivated to deliver best standards of Care. We have recently introduced the  Golden moments  reward scheme to replace Employee of the month. Staff are enjoying the extra challenges and value the encouragement when they are caring well. Everybody benefits – it’s wonderful.”