Gardening Project and Sunflower Race – Nelson Home

The people living and working at Stocks Hall in Andrew Smith House, Nelson can really see their Garden Project blooming at the moment. An array if bedding plants have been sprouting, with Beatrice Foggart seen here (who is one of the ladies living at the Home), tenderly watering and caring for them.


The Home’s ‘sunflower race’ continues, and they are growing fast, soon their beautiful golden heads will be visible for all to see and enjoy. The Nelson Home’s greenhouse also currently boasts bumper crops of tomatoes, courgettes and salad lettuces.


Kirstie, Activities Coordinator at the Home, said “it’s wonderful to see how it is all looking now. It gives great satisfaction and reward to visibly see it all progressing so beautifully, and we’re all looking forward to tasting our delicious crops soon!”

One sunflower in particular is beginning to come into flower and stands at an impressive 162.5cms tall.

The leading sunflower belongs to Christine Complin, who’s husband believes that if you talk to the sunflowers they will grow more quickly. He is now known as the ‘sunflower whisperer

Well done to all who are participating in this project, you are working very hard. There’s nothing to compare with a beautiful garden and home-grown produce.  We are sure you will enjoy the fruits of your labour when it’s time to harvest it all.