Enjoying A Slice of the Royal Wedding of their Own

Stocks Hall Ormskirk Home got into a Right Royal Swing as they celebrated the Royal Wedding of their own making.

Sticking to the order of the Royal Couple’s Wedding Day – with an objective to make it as life like as possible and for maximum enjoyment, the persons living at the Home were given Invitations to the Ormskirk Royal Wedding of the Year with a slant and twist all of their own. They enjoyed huge celebrations, with much laughter throughout the whole weekend.

This is their story …

Morgan Fairhurst alias Harry, married Emma Welsh alias Megan, both Carers at Stocks Hall Ormskirk Home.

The Brides transport was a mobility scooter and wedding cake was a fruit cake, lovingly made and decorated by Collette Taylor Head Chef. People living at Stocks Hall Ormskirk Home enjoyed afternoon tea with buffet bits and selection of cakes. The buffet was accompanied by beverage of the bubbly kind.

Later on in the day a celebratory tea comprising of traditional British fish and chips were served in Union Jack cones.

Bridesmaids to the happy couple were Domestics, Lucy and Jenny and Page Boy Reece who is Emma (the Bride’s) son.
The whole event was organised by Brenda and Betty and all of the Stocks Hall Team helped to make it a special day that it was. Table decorations were made by the people living at the Home.

Gel Manager said “The party got into full swing early on with dancing singing and laughter. Everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks go to my amazing staff at Stocks Hall Ormskirk for a truly brilliant day. You gave all the guests at this wedding a wonderful time with fabulous memories to take away, for a long time to come. Thanks also go to so many of the Royal family for being in attendance at Stocks Hall, Ormskirk’s Home Royal Wedding!”

Captured here for Stocks Hall family album are guests, the wedding party, all the trimmings and some of the celebration.