Enjoying Eid Time Together

Recently some of the Ladies and Gents living at Andrew Smith House enjoyed celebrating Eid.

Eid is a time for feasting and celebration. Eid comes at the end of Ramadan and marks the start of Shawwal.  Shawwal is a month of celebration and every year Muslims around the UK and across the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr.  It is an important religious holiday for Muslims and it is a day when they are not permitted to fast.

This celebratory afternoon at Andrew Smith House was filled with laughter, music, dancing and most importantly on this occasion food.

Kirstie Activities at the Home said “Some of the Carers made an abundance of food, curries, rice, pakoras and bhajis. Dressing in traditional dress looking absolutely beautiful, they even brought spare dresses for other Carers to wear. Thank you goes to Javeeria, Rhubab, Sabahat, Nazia, Emma B, Emma C and Vicky for the delicious food and great entertainment – a great time was had by all.”

This year Eid started on the evening of Thursday June 14th, with the Shawwal month ending approximately a month later.

Eid means celebration and Mubarak means blessed.

Barney, photographed below, looks very blessed as he tucks into his curry, loving served to him by Jav.

Looks like a great time was enjoyed by all.