Dignity in Action Day

This month Stocks Hall Care Home, Andrew Smith House in Nelson will be celebrating Dignity in Action Day.

In practice every day, Andrew Smith Home ensures all Individuals living at the Home are able to make choices and have control over their own Care.  Carers support each person, as far as it is possible, to make their own decisions about their everyday care, such as personal care, clothing preferences, meal choices and activities – just to name but a few.

By supporting this day the Home hope to continue to raise awareness of the importance of Dignity in Care for All.

The Action Day itself is championed by Dame Joan Blackwell who ambassadors the event, quoting “Dignity Action Day highlights a more respectful way of behaving towards vulnerable people. The very old and the very young clearly need our respect, but it wouldn’t do any harm to spread the message across the population, then we can all benefit.”

In order to spread the ‘Dignity message’ Stocks Hall Care Homes,  Andrew Smith Home, hosted and celebrated with a Digni-tea/Valentine afternoon tea party held on the 14th February, with an open invitation to all.

At the event the Home had an informative message board displayed in the main reception area, alongside a Digni-tree.  People living at Home, relatives and visitors were invited to comment on the leaves on the tree, and share what dignity means to them. Comments were also welcomed on what the Home does well, regarding dignity matters, and suggestions encouraged as to how Andrew Smith House can continually improve and meet all loved ones needs, in dignified ways. The tree will remain for a little while after the event for further comments/suggestions to be added.


As the event dually celebrated Valentine’s Day, a balloon release was organised as a way of remembering loved ones, past and present.  Loved ones names were signed on colourful balloons and sent up to the sky with love and heartfelt wishes, a very touching moment for everyone.


Kirstie Activities says “Stocks Hall Care Homes places Dignity high up on the list of priorities in caring. The logo of the Stocks Hall Nursing & Care group is ‘Every Person is Valued’ and our motto is ‘Care with Integrity and Respect’. Giving each person the dignity they deserve should be as normal as breathing. We hope the afternoon provides even more awareness to all those who attend.”