Celebration of New Mayor of Pendle

Recently Mr and Mrs Tony Beckett (Margaret & Tony), accompanied by their daughter Louise O’Conner, attended a very special function.

They left Stocks Hall Andrew Smith House where Tony lives, to celebrate with the new Mayor of PendleCouncillor James Starkie who become the New Mayor, was accompanied by his wife Mrs Janet Starkie.

The party initially made their way to Higham’s Church of England Church and the Order of the Ceremony commenced with a blessing and service to welcome Councillor James Starkie into post.  A reception followed at the Ace Centre for the celebrations including a loyal toast and a meal.

Councillor James Starkie gave a speech, and historically former Mayors present a loyal toast to the newly appointed person.

Mr Tony Beckett (as a former Mayor) had the honour of raising a glass for Councillor James Starkie, the new Mayor for 2018-2019.

Annual elections of Councillors are held to choose the town’s Mayor each year.

Mr and Mrs Beckett and their family enjoyed the celebratory occasion, and wish Councillor James Starkie very best wishes in his new role as Mayor of Pendle.