Celebrating National Pet Month

This month Stocks Hall Andrew Smith House have been celebrating National Pet Month, with visits from Carer’s own pets and a local farmer’s, month old lambs.

Recently ladies and gentlemen living at the Nelson Home had the privilege of a visit from Home Safari Animal Assisted Therapy.

Home Safari offers wonderful sessions that aims to help people with fine motor skills, increasing self-esteem and verbal communication. They also assist with developing social skills and increasing overall willingness to help people join in an activity.

Pet Therapy, as is proven, brings an extreme amount of pleasure to so many people.  As Britain is considered a Nation of pet lovers this therapy is very popular and beneficial to people of all ages.

Home Safari offered the ladies and gents at Andrew Smith House, opportunities to interact with far more unusual animals than household pets.

On this occasion Home Safari brought with them, Put Put the tiny (and cutest) meerkat in the world, and ever so sociable.

Dave the snake, a kookaburra whose laughing call was infectious, a tortoise called Brian, a rabbit, a bearded dragon and a skinny pig -no not an actual pig, but a guinea pig without fur!

Kirstie, Activity Staff at the Home says “It was wonderful to see the ladies and gentlemen holding animals that they probably have never before. More than that though, it was awesome to see so many smiling faces in one room.  A great morning, loved by those living at Andrew Smith House and the staff.”