Caring Together for those with Advanced Dementia


Stocks Hall, Skelmersdale Home are delighted to be working in partnership with Professor, Katherine Froggatt and Research Associate, Lesley Dunleavy from Lancaster University.

Lancaster University,  in collaboration with researchers from the University of Hertfordshire, University of Bristol, University of Liverpool Clinical Trails Research Centre and St. Christopher’s Hospice are currently launching the Namaste Pre Trial.

Staff, families and friends of Stocks Hall, Skelmersdale Home met together recently, to hear more about how they are to become part of the Pre Namaste Trial Programme.

Taking part in this trial will give vital research information, towards possibly using Namaste Care in the future, for people with advanced Dementia living in Care Homes.  Providing High Quality Care for people with Advances Dementia is challenging – Namaste Care is a programme of Care that offers Individualised Care and comfort for the people receiving it.  Namaste Care is an approach that focuses on engaging with each Individual Person’s senses through sound, touch, smell, taste and sight.

Sue King, Manager of the Skelmersdale Home says “At Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group we constantly look for ways to improve levels of Care and Life Quality for all those we care for.  We hope by taking part and committing to the Namaste Trial we will get the vital research needed and help to improve many lives of people with Dementia, and their families, in the future.”

The Namaste Trial is a 3-phase research study being run over 2 years until December 2018.  Pictured here in the Home’s beautiful garden right of the photograph are Professor Katherine Froggatt, with Lesley Dunleavy beside her, Sue King, Manager (centre), staff,  family and friends of Stocks Hall Skelmersdale Home, at the recent Namaste Launch.

The project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research HTA programme NIHR HTA. For more information visit