Burscough Scarecrow Festival

Ladies and Gents living at Stocks Hall Burscough Home have been spending time enjoying the lovely sunshine whilst getting prepared for the Burscough Scarecrow Festival.

The festival runs from the 14th -15th July 2018 and is a new venture to the village of Burscough.

Organisers are hoping that local businesses and the general public will embrace this fun community event and enter into the creative scarecrow world!

Leanne, Activities Staff at the Stock Hall Burscough Home said “We have had great fun so far, seen here are Shelagh and Alan enjoying making their creations with myself supporting on. Making scarecrows is a very therapeutic exercise, we laughed so much. It was so funny trying to get the straw packed in so the scarecrows and the limbs of them resemble the correct shape (or nearly resemble)! I can really recommend this activity and everyone that joined in relaxed and enjoyed it.”


Leanne also decided to make this opportunity more reflective and wrote meaningful poems to help people consider deeper issues whilst caring for Individuals within the Care Sector.
She reminds us all through her expression of poetry, that investing quality time getting to know the real person behind whatever stage they are going through in life, should be normal day to day practice.

All Burscough scarecrows are to be placed in the front gardens and outside businesses on the weekend of the 14th July and the winner will be announced on the 18th July 2018.

For more information visit the Burscough Scarecrow Festival Facebook Page.

Happy first Scarecrow Festival to Burscough!  Photographed is Stocks Hall’s Burscough Scarecrow looking very pleased with himself, settling into his new Home!