Blackpool Zoo Visit

Last week Neil and Judy living at Andrew Smith House, accompanied by staff, took a trip over to the ever famous Blackpool Zoo and what a great day they had!

The sun was shining as they set off to make some more great memories.

Originally the site where the zoo stands now was in fact an Airport, becoming  the zoo in 1972.  In 1939 the site was named Stanley Park Aerodrome, and when World War 2  broke out it became an RAF Parachute Training Centre.  It was believed that the infamous female pilot Amy Johnson, was said to have flown from there.  In 1945 the airport closed its doors and  became a council storage site, it wasn’t until 1972 that Blackpool Zoo finally opened its doors.  It was officially opened on the 6th July by Johnny Morris, famous for TV’s Animal Magic.

Over time, the Zoo has been involved in many different projects from the ‘Conservation of Endangered Species.’  Active Oceans was one of them, where penguins were introduced back into the Zoo’s environment.  The Zoo’s  most recent project is ‘One Elephant Base Camp’, a multi million pound facility that houses  3 elephants named Kate, Tara and Minbu.

The group from Andrew Smith House saw for themselves just what amazing creatures they are.

Kirstie Activities Coordinator said “Neil and Judith are best of friends and had such a lovely day. Not only enjoying the animals in the zoo, the picnic in the sun, but each other’s company too. The moment of the day had to be when Neil was going through a monkey and bird enclosure and  little squirrel monkey sat on Neil’s knee, which needless to say made him laugh hysterically.  Unfortunately we were not quick enough with the camera to capture the moment, as it would have made a great photograph.”