Amazing Animal Encounters at Stocks Hall, St Helens

Very special visitors were recently invited to visit Stocks Hall, St Helens Home, Denton’s Green.

Dylan’s Reptile & Creepy Crawly Experience’ brought an array of creatures into the Home to provide a sensory experience for all that wished to enjoy this activity.

The animals were all very friendly and happy to be handled.


This provided extremely rewarding encounters, with hands on experience, and brought a fantastic array of benefits to everyone who bravely took up the challenge.  Adventuring into the magical realm of the natural world, is delightful. The group saw wonderful animals up-close such as dragons, giant lizards, giant snakes, tortoises and turtles, frogs and other assorted “creepy crawlies”.

Lucy Peters, Activities Staff says “All the animals could be touched, held and fed whilst we spent time learning about their habitats and lifestyles. This was truly a unique, sensory experience that everyone enjoyed. To see faces go from a look of trepidation – to wonder – to elation, as they first observed, touched and finally held the reptiles, was truly a treasured moment.”